The Language Barrier during Travelling Abroad is Beyond Your Expectations

Recently, there are a group of foreigners who participated in a questionnaire conducted by Takeasy team about problems in travelling abroad in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. According to the results of the survey, most foreigners have experienced much more language communication obstacles than they expected before setting off.

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The Language

Above those people, only about 31.25% consider language as their big concern before traveling. Actually, about 90% have experienced language communication obstacles in an area where people cannot speak their native language. Certainly, some foreigners have the advantage of language, however these problems are still not insurmountable.

As foreigners who go to China do not all have the ability to communicate with native people, then trouble comes with it.

One thing that will definitely experience is getting lost abroad. However, it's hard to use your body language to describe the way you want especially your map is useless.

  • Some foreigners come to China for study, but most of them have to take language lessons to adapt the environment.
  • Businessmen need to carry interpreters when conducting business overseas or even simply with a neighboring country.
  • In the same way they will have a confused idea of the price when shopping in abroad. As for some products without labels in foreign language, they have no idea about how to pick them, let alone after-sales service of goods.
  • While it is certainly a great challenge, however, there is no need to be disappointed, because Takeasy will help you solve the problem.

Can you image? It is just like a sweet translator you put in your phone, and translate words by real translators instantly.

When you feel you get lost in abroad, please call our translators first and take some pictures about the obvious signage around you. Then send it to our translator, the signage will be translated on your local language. In the future, we will directly match local translator for you not only make sure your safety but also suggest the local scenic spot for you. What is more, our translator not only solves this problem for you, so do the problems of study and shopping in abroad.

In addition, for businessman, Takeasy is also necessary. It saves your money and time for your business. For example, booking hotel, the way to hotel, the meeting arrangement... After the meeting, recreation is another item. Takeasy, translator app, will be the guider for your travel.

All in all, the translation services is of the essence as the language barrier is much serious than you can expect. Take your Takeasy, take it easy in your travel.

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