Japanese Foot Bath Has Royal Service, Will Your Majesty Enjoy

Do you still remember Qin Fen`s humor words about Chinese foot bath culture in “If You Are the One II”? He said, “It’s a great Chinese invention that improve foot bath into industry. Although our environment is not good than that of the Western countries, however, our personal health is much better, because our foot bath is not only with massage, but also with Chinese medicine… …Therefore, the washing industry in China especially has market, perhaps in the near future, we could list on GEM, and into world top five hundred”.

Therefore, before came to Kyoto, we noticed this「駅之足汤」in Arashiyama train station when we search related information, and arranged it to our travel schedule.

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Our Arashiyama journey was on the fourth day, and the 15 minutes foot bath was the 「Lifesaver」 for me who only traveled with foot and bus.

Because many friends have twittered this station foot bath, I was afraid of that there would be much people here.

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After arriving at the Arashiyama station, the 「駅之足汤」 can be seen from the direction of the train moving forward, but the ticket office is in a small house on the right side of the station entrance (The red circle on the picture). Also you could rent a bike at this ticket office.

Since the train charges when get off, I didn't buy tickets at「こうりゅうじ」station, then I paid some cash at the platform entrance.

But I had no idea that I should exit by paying first, or buy ticket to have a food bath first.

When I was looking around the ticket station, one kind-hearted old man came and asked if I wanted to rent a bike. With my poor Japanese, I explained that I would like to buy a ticket for foot bath, thus the old man showed me the way and helped to call the service people. What nice Kyoto people!

Well, the train ticket can be paid after the foot bath then.

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The foot bath fee was 150 yen, and with one take-home towel as souvenir.

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There is a cute statue of Ksitigarbha Buddha in front of the house, and it is said that it was built when the tourists were beyond one hundred thousand person-times in 2005.

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I was worrying about that there were too many people. I felt relieved after seeing only two young men were there.

Also there was a shoe cabinet near the entrance that you could keep the shoes. However, it was a bit uncomfortable with wet floor and bench because of the rain.

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「駅之足汤」was on the railway platform, so that you could have a foot bath and enjoy the train entering at the same time.

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There was a place for foot wash near the bath. It’s polite to wash your foot before the bath.

Although there was a drizzle and the bath was outside, the entire house was clean and comfortable by stepping into with barefoot.

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The water temperature can be adjusted, so you don’t have to worry about freezing after washing even in winter.

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The whole bath house could have about 20 people at one time.

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Because of the rain, it`s nice and cool to have the bath.

So I rolled up the trouser to the knee, and put my feet into the hot spring with water level reaching to my calf. The 35℃ were just fine, and after the three days walking, I could fully enjoy the bath. According to the bath introduction on the wall, the foot bath could release pain and tiredness. In order to travel more tomorrow, it’s great to have good rest today.

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These two young men left soon, so I could enjoy the whole bath by myself.

After a while, one old woman came over and greeted me. Because of the rain, she took in the shoes and tried to explain with me. Again with my poor Japanese, I could only guess from her words and gestures.

The kind part was that she still talked with me, and I could answered with simple words by guessing. When I was leaving, the old woman still told me to take my umbrella and luggage, and be careful on the road… What nice Kyoto people…

It's so comfortable that I took another foot bath before leaving the Arashiyama. Still I was the only one, what an enjoyment with150 yen foot bath!

Destination: Kyoto, Japan

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