Boi Valley- A Paradise to Release Your Heart

To be honest, I am unsocial type and would like to ski over the vast snowfield freely on my own. If there must be a reason, it's because I would be panic when bright and shining colors approaching me, worrying about if I bump against them, or what's worse, we might collide with each other and break our arms and legs if both of us are unskilled skiers. This might be the main reason why I come to ski in Boi valley of Catalonia, Spain.

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Generally, it’s unusual to ski in Spain since people tend to relate Spain to a summer resort and believe that it is the best pastime to spend the long and lethargic days on the beach. Nevertheless, I find some skiing resorts in Spain really amazing, such as Boi valley. Located in high-altitude Pyrenees, Boi valley bears a long skiing season with a large amount of fresh snow.

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Landing in Barcelona after an over-13-hour flight, then I arrived at Boi Taüll village after transferring to a 4-hour bus. The room I stayed was warm, comfortable as well as well-equipped. But the most amazing part is the viewpoint. Watching from the window, you can have a panoramic view, where a range of mountains with low peaks covered with gleaming snow, stretching to the horizon like the ice kingdom in the movie "Frozen". What a view!

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I couldn’t resisting being excited by the glaring snow and made an effort to calm down and restrained my excitement to rush for skiing field. Finally I made a determination to have a good rest for the whole night. Early in the next morning, I rushed to the skiing filed with joy. I had to say lucky me since there’s nobody on the field and it was almost my own personal fairground. Without standing in a long queue waiting for the cable car, I could occupy all the conveyors and ran wild in the skiing field.

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Sitting in a cable car, I glided upwards to an open area of the mountain top and could freely take a cable car downwards if scared. Only the skiing freshmen and lovers could actually feel the fear of leaving the cable car and skiing downwards on a skateboard. Since there’s no others else today, I could spending time persuading myself “come on, and you can do it”. When I finally got up the courage to push myself down the slope, I did not fear at all and wandered in the snow field to my heart’s content. Then I understood the joy described in the verse “hop like a fish in the vast sea and fly like a bird across the sky”. Have a rest while getting tired or sit on the soft snow looking at the azure sky and white clouds, with thoughts flying afar at random like the clouds.

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I got tired after successive days of skiing though it’s my favorite outdoor sport. Therefore, I went to the nearby San Clemente Cathedral of Boi valley on the third day. Standing in such an ice kingdom, San Clemente seemed to be a little bit solitary, while coordinated with the holiness and pureness of the ice. I found surprisingly that there were artistic wall paintings of Rome in the Cathedral, apart from its pretty façade. Though most faded away and the main works had been moved to museums of Barcelona, the remaining artworks still reflected its original marvelous appearance.

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Sitting on the cold bench in the musk smell and cold-suffusing room of the dim-lighted Cathedral, I couldn’t help shivering while a breeze blew over my shoulders. It seemed that a noise of scratching of chalks and stonewalls was reverberating in the room. Quietly gazing at the fuzzy profiles of these wall paintings, I found they seemed to change slowly till the whole wall was covered a beautiful and bright painting. Within a few minutes, the paintings seemed to bring me back to ancient Rome, with the brand-new Cathedral manifesting its wealthy and value.

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Quiet Boi valley, thick snow, rolling hills, and mysterious cathedrals, all helped me be in serenity I had never been before. It was a guilty pleasure for me that only a few people knew such a place and it was always satisfying to have a feeling of being a master my territory.

Destination: Catalonia, Spain.

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