A Shift in the Wind, Windmills by the Blue Sea

"Hurry up and tell me where you're talking me today!"

"Windy Hill."

This conversation occurred on the third morning after I came to South Korea. The person talking to me was an older friend who has been living and studying in the country for eight years. I'm not unfamiliar with the name Windy Hill, but the Windy Hill I know is a piece of music with guitar and piano versions. I love guitar chords, there's passion in the ease of them which is also mixed with sadness, like a wandering poet who wants to find freedom but is afraid of loneliness.With this unknown and yet familiar feeling, I got on the bus to go to Windy Hill.

After getting off the bus, the first thing I saw was a huge wooden windmill by the sea. Its blades spun rapidly with the pace of the wind. This made me excited, as I'm someone who has only seen toy windmills.

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The area around the windmill was made up of lush foliage from camellia trees. Though when looking at Windy Hill, most of the plants near it were tiny. The size of all of them was surprisingly consistent. Their orderliness covered the mountain. Perhaps it was due to the fact that there were no plants blocking it that the wind was able to blow in my direction without barriers. The wind didn't feel strong like it would during a storm, but it instead carried the fresh scent of the sea.

Walking along a brown bridge, we got closer to the windmill with each step. On the path, we ran into a bunch of goats. They completely ignored us tourists and weren't worried that people would take over their space. They simply focused on eating the fresh, green grass. There weren't any tourists who deliberately took bread crumbs over to tease them either. Everyone was enjoying this piece of land together. No one disturbed each other, it was a natural model for harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

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After reaching the top of Windy Hill, many tourists started pulling their friends in groups of two or three to the front of the windmill to take pictures. My friend knows that I don't really take pictures. She looked at me, looked at the windmill, and shrugged. She then took me to the other side of the windmill where the sea was.

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Maybe my perspective is different, but looking ahead at the sea, it looked level. I walked on the beach with the sand beneath my feet, listening to the sound of the waves which splashed lightly against my clothes. The sea was in front of me, seemingly right under my feet. Looking ahead I could see an endless blue as the sea breeze brushed against my face. Without even knowing it, I became closer and closer to the cliff. I wanted to touch the blueness and see the waves under the island, but I have a serious fear of heights. When looking down from the 3rd floor of a building, my heart automatically starts to beat quickly. But at that moment, standing on the edge of a cliff, I couldn't help but looking down at the world below it. The waves hit the rocks one by one, jumping out of order, the clear water splashing around. I wasn't afraid at all. Instead, I was in awe of the mysteriousness of nature, like the water hitting the rocks, the juxtaposition of the sky and the sea, and the harmony of the land shared by people and goats.

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Although in my heart I wanted to keep enjoying the view, my stomach was already grumbling. As a result, we ended our sightseeing and began to look for food. Windy Hill is surrounded by seafood and sushi restaurants. We chose one and sat down in it. The seafood in the restaurant was freshly caught. After eating our fill, it was already dusk and the sky began to turn red. I wanted to watch the sunset, but because we still had plans, we needed to go back home. We reluctantly boarded the bus to return. Although it's a bit regrettable, I don't regret it too much because I know I'll be back again!

Windy Hill, South Korea

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