Your Travels Will be Easier if You Take Along TAKEASY

There are tons of translation services on Google Play. Google Translate is probably the best one, although there are many that offer more accurate translations. When we first found about TAKEASY Translator/Interpreter from Transn Translate, however, we instantly loved the idea.

TAKEASY takes language translation to the next level by providing a live human translation service.

review for Takeasy

What's not to like? Well that's the ideal but only before we tried the app. Although, in general the app is not bad, there are tons of work that need to be done in order to make this app better. At this moment, it is "so-so". There are some issues, unstable situations and glitches.

Concept and Functionality.

The app is based on live translation services by real human. This concept of live translation is maybe not the first, but it is one of the most optimistic ones. The app is light, fast and beautifully designed.

However, the user interface could've been much cleaner and more intuitive. The app will first ask for your native language, and later you can require live translator for any of the next languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian or Spanish. The translator should act like a personal translator and assistant.

review for Takeasy

I have set up Spanish as my native language (the app will require this at the start). Then I've called different translators several times. From more than 5 calls, only 3 were successful. The other ones were either not established or stopped after few seconds. The app is functional in most cases, but it can be really frustrating waiting for a translator when you really need it.


Being the first remote on-line real-time & instant live human translator & interpreter is the most stand out feature of this app. So, at its core this app offers one big feature: live translation. Along the way there are tons of small features that we want to mention.

With it you can make calls anytime and anywhere, but we already mentioned that this is not functioning as expected, although this may be fixed in the update.

You can also upload texts or photos and you will get answer from a live translator right away. One of the best features is the "favorites" feature. With this feature you can "favorite" your favorite translator for future calls and make everything easier and faster. When you are satisfied, or dissatisfied, with some translator, you can rate them so you can offer better overall experience to everyone using the app.


This is a cool and highly useful concept. One thing it lacks is overall functionality and a more efficient and pleasing user interface. We expect these things to be fixed in the update, and this is certainly a work in progress that's worth watching.

It is still a worthy download, especially if you plan to visit a foreign country. This can be your ultimate guide and the app that can help you understand and communicate in a language that you don't know.

The live translation concept looks and feels revolutionary, and we fully appreciate the difficulty of setting up such a service, but it needs some work to make it a better overall experience. It's also available for the iPhone in the App Store and you can check out their website here.

Source: Your Travels Will be Easier if You Take Along TAKEASY

User Review

This is a great APP at travel translations, very very fast, very reliable!