TAKEASY Translation App Releases Live-Human Translation Service

- Provides Brand New Personalized & Exclusive User Experience for Online Translation Needs

WUHAN, China, April 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- TAKEASY App Team (TAKEASY), developer of the world's first remote real-time & live-human translator app, is launching the translate app TAKEASY with brand new features and enhanced user experience, including an instant one-to-one calling service, which makes the translation process much more personalized and exclusive for each user.

The travel and tourism industry, one of the world's largest industries, includes many elements, such as accommodation, transportation, entertainment, education and attractions, has experienced steady growth almost every year. With the increasing of this industry, there are many problems frequently encountered during global travel.

A recent survey conducted by TAKEASY from February to March 2016, including people from over 80 countries/districts, shows that the language barrier (31%) is the second biggest problem that people face before choosing a travel destination. This was second only to budget (33%), and topped other issues such as difficulty of the travel route (29%), lack of tourist attractions (24%), cuisine (23%), culture (19%) and traffic (14%). What's more, over half of those surveyed (57%) have always experienced language communication obstacles, with another third (30%) saying that they sometimes run into this problem.

Almost every mobile or PC translation application provides only text translation (words or short sentences), but because of different situations, those "traditional" translation services cannot meet the needs of most travellers. Based on the survey, more than 80% of people prefer multiple methods (call, picture and audio) of translation service over text-only translation. Based on these results, TAKEASY redesigned a creative new version of their translation app to include the major feature of live-human translation. Users can make an online call to directly connect to a professional translator anytime and anywhere, and they can also send text or pictures to the translator at the same time. What's more, TAKEASY will strictly protect every user's private information during the call, because customer privacy is always TAKEASY's highest priority.

With revolutionary and pioneering ambition, TAKEASY is launching their live-human translation app to cover 8 major languages in its initial version: English, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese -- with more languages to be covered in later versions. It's time for users to experience this exclusive and personalized one-to-one translation service rather than "code machine translation."


TAKEASY App Team, a global product team of Transn IOL Technology, believes that the power of live translation is much more accurate and humanized than machines. Its product, TAKEASY, is designed to provide a wholly new and high quality translation experience for people's mobile lives.


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SOURCE: TAKEASY Translation App Releases Live-Human Translation Service

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