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Today I got a chance to try out the Takeasy Live Language Translator iPhone app. Today I was able to ask my friend who speaks Chinese where is the nearest restaurant. I also got to see what it looks like written out as well. Don’t ask me how to say it. All I did was speak english. Read on and I'll give you more details.

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User Interface and Functionality

The user interface is a simple one screen interface. Users simply pick the language they currently speak and the language they want it translated into. Then they press the phone button and the app calls a number of translators. I was eventually connected to a very nice lady somewhere and she translated the phrase "where is the nearest restaurant?" into Chinese. She also sent me a text with that phrase in Chinese as well. She was very nice and it did what it was supposed to do.

The version I was using could only translate from English to Chinese but the developer assured me they are working on a fix for the rest of the languages they want to have available to users. This app is free to download but it requires signing up for a pay service to use it. However everyone who downloads the app gets 10 minutes free translator time to try it out. After that it's $1.99 per minute or users can buy packages to save money rather than pay minute by minute.

review for Takeasy review for Takeasy review for Takeasy

Overall Rating

I can see how someone who is traveling a lot to other countries and doesn't speak the language could use something like this. Someone like a high-powered business traveller might find something like this very useful. That being said with only Chinese being available at the time of the review it wasn't something the majority of people could use. Also I think charging $1.99 per minute is kind of steep. I'm not sure what it costs to hire translators to run a service like this but I'm not so sure the average user is going to be willing to shell out $1.99 per minute to get their words translated. Not when there are other methods to get things translated that are free. Speaking to a live person one on one is nice but is it worth $1.99 per minute? My opinion is no it isn't. Also it took me several tries to get connected to a translator. At first I thought perhaps I was using the app incorrectly. Since there were no instructions or tutorials to explain how the app worked it was somewhat frustrating to use. So based on all these things I really can't give a glowing recommendation. It just seems like the service isn't quite ready yet. Kind of like they are wanting to release the app but it's just not fully developed or something. Based on all of these things I'm giving the app 3 stars out of 5. It could be better but it's just not there yet and if I'm paying for it, it better be all the way there!

The bottom line is this. If you are going to China and you don't speak the language definitely give this a try. If you are looking to speak French, Spanish, or any other language besides Chinese….wait a little while and check the app later.

review for Takeasy review for Takeasy review for Takeasy

You can get it in the app store and try it out for yourself today!

User Review

This is a great APP at travel translations, very very fast, very reliable!