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With 2016 we've seen many innovations make a splash on the way we carryout our day-to-day lives. It's revolutionized the way we do business with clients all across the globe. Skype and whatsapp have become some of the most popular forms of online communication. But a major problem we still haven't solved is instant translating for business or communication between foreign speakers.

Takeasy is an app that takes this problem head-on and one step further! Takeasy is an app that uses live human communication to act as a mobile interpreter when you need it. How does this work? Well after creating your account , you're able to start your free trial and try it out. Imagine being able to speak fluently with your favorite pen pal! With Takeasy , it becomes THE best pocket translator on the market! Traveling abroad for those who don't know the native language of that land and culture can really have a tough time getting through the day.

review for Takeasy review for Takeasy

Takeasy provides instant live communication in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, Germany, Russian, Portuguese and of course more are on the way! You can use pictures , text or audio with your on-call translation expert and they will translate the document, book, audio recording and basically any material of those sorts. If I wanted to look for the HOTTEST bar in Tokyo, I would have to somehow understand the Japanese language and character set.

I would just whip out my smartphone to open Takeasy and login with my credentials. My preferred language is already selected and I chose Japanese as the target language in need of translation. Snapping a picture of a city map or a few street signs to send to my live translator. College students traveling abroad will quickly see how this app can make living situations many times easier! And one of the best features of the app is when you exit a call with your translator you can leave him or her a great review and then favorite that translator to use again in the future.

review for Takeasy review for Takeasy

You're probably thinking of hundreds of ways to use this new miracle app, but the fact remains. With Takeasy you're going to get push button access to a LIVE HUMAN translator ready to help you conduct business, chat with a friend or book a room. This new resource is great and offers many ways and packages to help you start translating. For package prices, info or you're looking for a job in translating check out http://itakeeasy.com/

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This is a great APP at travel translations, very very fast, very reliable!