How to use Takeasy better on your phone?

By following these steps, we will show you the application processes on Takeasy.

Before you apply, you should know what can you use Takeasy for?

  • Order Food with Picture Translation with Takeasy
  • Ask Real Translators to Help You Shopping with Takeasy
  • Ask the Way for Translators When Travelling Abroad
  • Translate 10 languages via complete human translation
  • You can have a trial for free before you start to use it.

    Choose your mother Language, then you can have a trial to call translator on Takeasy.

    use translate app

    Now, you can start using it.

    1. Register an account(make sure you are using your email to register), or you can login directly with third-party account like Facebook and Twitter.

    use translation app

    2. Fill out the registration form.

  • Nickname
  • Password
  • use translated app

    3. Choose Original and Targeted Languages, then start to call translator.

    use translation app

    4. After each order, the chat records will be automatically saved. You can add translators who offer you good services into Favorited Translators.

    translate app usage

    5. Lower cost in package.

    translation app usage

    As you can see, the cost in packages is much cheaper than postpaid. Choose the package according to your need, then you can pay for the bill in PayPal. After purchasing, manually activate it and start using.

    6. You can clearly know the information of your personal account.

    translator app usage

    If you have any questions about Takeasy, please send feedbacks to us on Takeasy app or E-mail marketing@itakeeasy.com. For more information, please visit www.itakeeasy.com.

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    This is a great APP at travel translations, very very fast, very reliable!