Take Your Free Interpreter with You on a Worriless Trip this Fall

Unlike the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter, fall is more like a gentleman leading you to walk leisurely and romantically to enjoy different types of scenery. Would you like to see the red leaves on China's Fragrant Hill or the fall leaves in Hokkaido, Japan? Or maybe you would like to go to Munich's Beer Festival or the Devil's Pool in Victoria Falls? No matter where you are in the world, Takeasy will continue to provide dedicated service to you to surpass any language barriers encountered abroad. In order for your travel in a foreign country this fall to be unimpeded, Takeasy has prepared a special gift for you this season!

translate app

Takeasy is a professional translation mobile app. It supports phone calls, as well as picture and text translations which are given to translators who can help surpass language barriers. Currently, Takeasy supports 11 languages with translations to and from English and Chinese. Supported languages include: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Thai. Interpreter service is available 24/7.

Activity Time:

From September 7, 2016 to September 21, 2016, new customers who participate in the activity can receive special Takeasy coupons.

Activity Details:

1. Sign up to get coupons. Other than a chance to get two opportunities for free use, during the time of the activity, new users can get a free coupon for ten minutes of service (worth 15 USD).

2. Post the promotional activity to get coupons. Share the Takeasy promotional activity to a social network, blog, or other social networking channel. As long as one person shares the content you post, you can get a coupon worth one minute of free service. If two people share the content you post, you can get a coupon for two minutes of free service. If 100 people share the content, you can get a coupon worth 100 minutes of free! There's no limit!

How to Participate:

1. First, install the Takeasy App. Search for Takeasy in the Apple Store or on Google Play to download it. It can also be downloaded directly from the official website: http://www.itakeeasy.com/.

2. Register an account. Any email can be registered. After registering your account, send your account number to the Takeasy official activity mailbox, support@itakeeasy.com, to apply for coupons.

3. Send a screenshot. From the Takeasy official coupon activity link: http://www.itakeeasy.com/articles/event-Take-Your-Free-Interpreter-with-You-on-a-Worriless-Trip-this-Fall.html Share to your social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or any other communication channels), when a friend shares what you posted, send the screenshot to support@itakeeasy.com to apply for coupons for free.

Notes: Make sure that the email you register with can receive messages normally. We won't send advertisements and using a correct email address can confirm that your password can be retrieved if it’s forgotten.

Act now and seize this golden opportunity to a snag a ton of coupons! The climate during autumn is cool and pleasant. It's the most suitable season for travel. Bring Takeasy on a trip with you!