About Us

www.itakeeasy.com is the official website of the translation APP – Takeasy, providing the human translation services for people travelling abroad. The website provides real-time translation services to users around the world with an initial focus on providing on-demand translation services.Acting as your personal secretary & assistant & teacher, it helps you to overcome language obstacles during outbound travel, learn different language or work throughout the world!

Our dream

We can become people a friend who is share with your happiness and sorrow. The website is willing to giving you the services: the one-to-one human translation, the picture translation, the audio translation etc. The dream of Takeasy is to be the world's first artificial real-time translation tools. In order to come true this dream, on the hand, we have efforts in the instant human translation supports any translations and the picture translations are supported by real translators, on the other hand, we are trying our best to being the audio translation supports voice recognition in more than 30 languages.

Our Team

Internet era has witnessed that the earth has become a village. Some great revolution caused by the Internet spreads at home and even around the whole world. The human translation is a rigid demand for people in different languages. With the development of globalization, this demand will be more intensive. Our team has obviously realized that there is still a long way to go. Such technologies in development, such as speech recognition technology of Apple Inc and Google Inc, can effectively distinguish the pronunciations of native languages. Some voice and text of mutual conversion software, although is not widely used at present, and the accuracy is not high, we need to make the human translation become more easy and tell people how to understand the customs of different countries.

The excellent language skills and sharp ear required by the human translation as a prerequisite to the high quality human translation service shall be substantially met. We felt a glow of pride in having numerous rich experienced transcribers who have passed rigorous testing and training. Each and every one of our employees should think for themselves and determine what concrete action we should be taken in quality control so as to provide timely and the most accurate human translation for our clients. Our team as we assembled has the ability to provide the human translation services in numerous languages, you can enjoy wonderful and worry-free the human translation experience. We will continue to seek the human translation needs in business world and fulfill those needs.

Our team today serves businesses across the world within a short span of time, but develops a strong and loyal customer base via providing a range of online the human translation services at optimum prices. The customer satisfaction and praises that we have reaped is a treasure for us in this competitive business, which encourages excellent and efficient proofreading team to deliver 100% customer satisfaction in the future. During the brief time since inception, our team has become a market leader and is trusted by over 5,000 satisfied clients.