About Takeasy

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    Audio Translation

    • The world's first instant translate App;
    • Audio translations by voice call;
    • One-to-one instant translation services;
    • The best portable translator when travelling abroad.
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    Picture Translation

    • Translate food menus and signage;
    • Easy to process;
    • Translate any pictures easily and conveniently.
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    Text Translation

    • Takeasy supports 11 languages like Spanish, Japanese, Korean for text translations;
    • With Takeasy, what you guys say gets translated into another languages.
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Easy to Use

  • Choose Original and Targeted Languages

    Choose your Original and Target Languages. Note: Every new user has one chance to use translation services free. Download Now!

  • Match translators and state your questions

    We will match the translator for you, you just tell us your problems.

  • Solve your problems anytime and anywhere

    During the online call, our translators will solve any language barrier problems for you.

  • Favorites and Feedbacks

    After solving your problems, favorite your translator to call him next time. And please give your feedbacks if you have suggestions.

You May Experience...

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    How to get to the hotel during outbound travel?
    Takeasy will help you find the best route and tell you matters needing attention.

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    Which duty-free shop is best for cosmetics?
    Takeasy will help you to find the shops of all wool and a yard wide.

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    When you get lost or lost your passport and wallet, Takeasy helps you to communicate with the local police and tell you what you should do at the first time.

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    Don’t understand the local house rental websites when studying abroad?
    Takeasy helps you to find the confortable house at affordable price.

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    Do you want to know what the celebrities have said on the social network?
    Takeasy translates for you.

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    Have you ever troubled by too expensive charges of a teacher or the inappropriate time for language learning?
    Download Takeasy and practice with 24/7 available teacher!