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Translate App for Any Translations on Your Phone

Live personalized human translation

  • The first one-to-one instant translation tool of the world
  • Instant translator App by complete human translation
  • Necessary translation App in travelling abroad
  • Support Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French
  • Russian, German, Portuguese, Thai and Italian

About Takeasy

translate app

Easy to Use

  • Choose Original and Targeted Languages

    Choose your Original and Target Languages. Note: Every new user has one chance to use translation services free. Download Now!

  • Match translators and state your questions

    We will match the translator for you, you just tell us your problems.

  • Solve your problems anytime and anywhere

    During the online call, our translators will solve any language barrier problems for you.

  • Favorites and Feedbacks

    After solving your problems, favorite your translator to call him next time. And please give your feedbacks if you have suggestions.

You May Experience...

  • translate app

    It is essential to travel abroad. Nice to order food, just give your translator a call, everything will be handled. The best translated App for travellers.

  • translate app

    I can't find the way to see the cherry in Tokyo, and the people here can't understand my words. I phone to the translator on Takeasy and they help me find the right place. Thanks very much.

  • translate app

    The interpreter on Takeasy is really professional. The translation is very accurate and useful. I have given up the machine translation since then as its poor accuracy. It makes me feel safe and easy when my phone installed this App.


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